Irresistible Force in Power Boat racing

There were so many FANTASTIC results from this years Hawkesbury 120.  The big race on Sunday saw the Force F21 “BLAZEN” cross the finish line 1st out of 121 boats…..Well done to Jason Walmsley (driving) and Bernie Simpson (observing) with Chris Stout and Grant Turner hanging on with style out the back.
A big thankyou to Mr & Mrs P and Mr Freemantle, for allowing us to show off their delicious Force F1 Race Sterndrive boats and also a big thankyou to the Hannan family, for also letting us show off their Force F21 Race Sterndrive boat, all under the Force display marquee.   See the winning results from the Force Boat teams and photo’s from the weekend below….
Superclass Category                      DRIVER                     OBSERVER                   SKIER  1                SKIER  2
1st    F21  BLAZEN                  Jason Walmsley         Bernie Simpson          Chris Stout          Grant Turner
Under 16 Boys Category
1st    F21  STILL SPARKEN       Craig Boswell             Murray Hackett         Ben Hackett         Jack Houston
Under 19 Girls Category
1st     F21  TUFF E NUFF         Brent Wisemantle      Andrew Fyfe             Ashley Cropper      Sophie Pickles
2nd    F1    PRIMA DONNA        Nick Feros                 Wendy Feros             Kate Wright           Renae Gray
Under 16 Girls Category
1st     F21    FORCE THIS          Shane Wilson            Graham French          Maddison Boyer        Natalie Keys
2nd    F19x  ULTIMATE FORCE  Clinton Cox              Jessie Robinson          Tayla Williams          Tayla Wright
MOC Category
2nd   F18  REINFORCE              Peter Randall           Peter Harmer            Jared Coey            Simon Mitchell
SMOC Category
2nd   F18  NO RULES               Michael Burke            Ben Coghlan             Ross Harries            Kevin Vahtrik
Stock 6 Litre Category
3rd   F19x  BRUTE FORCE       Greg Whitelaw            Shane Eva                Brent Whitelaw        Grant Whitelaw
Congratulations to everyone involved…..It was a fantastic weekend and we look forward to next year.