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Austral marine Panache 1750



Listing Id 5058310 Length 5.38 Meter
Condition New Type Power
Make Austral Year 2017
Model 1750 Hull Style Single
Hull Type Fibreglass


<p>Austral marine  Panache 1750 </p> <p>Price brak through .....</p> <p>We have done it . with our new partners Austral Marine looking to brake into the Australian market Since 1986 Austral have been building boats . And now you can take advantage of this companey looking to make inrods into The Ausstralian boating industry . Prices never been seen with this Quality of boat . Come and see it to belive it .</p> <p>ready for the water with a 90 HP 4 stroke mercury or up grade to 115 HP</p> <p>$43 990 0r an easy </p> <p>$175 pw</p> <p>with a 20 deposit TAP</p>


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