Listing Id 1010442 Length 5.69 Meter
Condition New Type Power
Make Stabicraft Year 2020
Model 1850 FISHER Hull Style Single
Hull Type Aluminium


Stabicraft’s new 1850 Fisher offers boaters more beam, more stability, more space, more bow access, more fuel capacity, and more choice in package configurations. There are now multiple 1850 Fisher packages to choose from to suit your style of boating. Each package has varying specifications and multiple options to choose from allowing you to customise to your preference. Whether you’re out fishing with the kids, skiing on the lake or offshore with your mates there is a package to suit everyone.

“The new 1850 Fisher is an important model suiting a wide range of customers. It HAD to improve on its predecessor’s versatility giving so much MORE in functionality, space and design. – CEO Stabicraft, Paul Adams.

The new 1850 Fisher range has been crafted with an environmentally considerate hull. Since the US-based Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) imposed strict regulations on fuel emissions every US bound vessel has had to fall in line. For Stabicraft, it’s been a breath of fresh air. Knowing our 1850 Fisher fuel tanks are EPA compliant not just in the US but ALL of our global markets is another step towards ensuring future generations get to enjoy the water as much as we have.

While we’re on the subject of fuel the new 1850 Fisher boasts a huge 150L (39.6gal.) of optional fuel capacity. That’s an increase of 30L (5.2gal.) from its predecessor and one of the best in its size class. Not only can you now adventure further, but also make that run home again with less fuel capacity concerns.

The MAJOR upgrade the new 1850 Fisher has over its predecessor is space. The new ‘Wide Body’ hull gives boaters much more cabin and deck space PLUS more stability and on the water performance. The new 1850 Fisher is a seriously SAFE and stable platform for you, your family, and your friends.

The new 1850 Fisher pays homage to the hugely successful 1550 Fisher and its walk-through windscreen. While increasing visibility and cockpit space, it opens up crucial access to the bow. The walk-through windscreen creates an ideal loading, un-loading, casting and anchoring point when adventure is in progress.

The new 1850 Fisher is a boat with a lot more of everything, including CONFIDENCE. The ability to ‘Adventure with Confidence’ has been the main feature of every Stabicraft over the last 32 years. It is our heritage, our purpose, and our legacy. CONFIDENCE is a feature we aim to improve with every new Stabicraft model. It’s a feature you can’t see in the showroom. And it’s a feature you don’t know you need until the weather turns and you have to get your crew home.

Your family and friends will be safe with the unequalled stability provided by Stabicraft's airtight chambered hull design, either while under power or at rest.Stabicraft’s chambered design allows occupants to move freely about the deck, even all on one side. Few other boats on the market can match Stabicraft's positive buoyancy and design safety. Even if a chamber is pierced, the separate water-tight chambers limit the damage, making a Stabicraft vessel virtually unsinkable.

When travelling at speed, Stabicraft hulls create a cushion of water under each life-ring chamber, thus softening the ride for your family. Observe a Stabicraft at speed compared to most other boats and you will immediately become aware of how little spray rises above the gunwales because it is deflected and trapped by the hull design. This contributes to passenger comfort and dryness of ride.

Apart from aiding buoyancy, Stabicraft's life-ring chambers with internal hull bracing provide longitudinal rigidity to the boat.The unique design of the life-ring affords more cockpit space than most other similarly styled boats.What gives greater confidence are things not easily seen. For example, the entire hull is meticulously welded and finished to a standard that is without peer in the aluminium boat building industry.

Some boats float better than others. That's design.

Advanced metal extrusion technology is used to create continuous sealed chambers that provide a life-ring on the upper-outer extremities of the boat. Each vessel’s life-ring contains at least three air-tight chambers.

The stepped molding of our slim-lined air-tight chambers, once attached to the hull, create a cushion of air that allows the boat to plane over rough water. With the addition of an air-tight chamber between the floor and hull these boats become virtually unsinkable.

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