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zodiac open 5.5



Listing Id 5058252 Length 5.50 Meter
Condition New Type Power
Make Zodiac Year 2018
Model PRO OPEN 550 Hull Style Single
Hull Type Inflatable Stock Number zod5.5


<p>Zodiac open 5.5 all new boat .</p> <p>This is truly the 4x4 of the seas ,</p> <p>Whether you are using for fishing ,diving , skiing cruising or chasing sailing boats around the harbour . This is the RIB for you .</p> <p>Huge tubes (pro system ) unique to zodiac .slide tubes on and off .</p> <p>Open range 5.5and the spacious 7m performance comfort and versatility</p> <p>Look at the zodiac open .keep exploring Zodiac the 120 year old French inventor of the inflatable boat .</p>


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