Love & War Chooses Nanni Diesel For Major Refit

As ocean racing yachts go, very few can claim to being famous.

The exception however are yachts such as the Sparkman & Stephens designed Love & War. Built for Sydney businessman Peter Kurts and launched in 1973, this timber yacht was the ultimate thoroughbred in her day.

The classic Oregon and Maple wooden boat won its first Hobart race in 1974. It backed up for its second win in 1978 and achieved the rare feat of three Hobart victories by taking handicap honors in 2006. A win in the 20 Year Veteran Division of the 50th anniversary race in 1994 only enhanced its reputation as one of the finest racing yachts this country has seen.

Love & War was seen as perfection when originally rolled out in July 1973. And whilst it's still as perfect now as she was 40 years ago, it's only through passion and hard work that keeps it this way. Her owner, Simon Kurts, like his father before him, recognizes the prestige & tradition this vessel has earned through the years. This is the reason for its recent engine overhaul. The original Perkins 4.108 had seen 3 major overhauls during its life, however time finally caught up with it.

After much investigation, the decision was made to fit the new 50hp Nanni Diesel, model # N4.50. A 4 cylinder engine with a max engine speed of only 2800rpm, proving to be an excellent choice for the 11 tonne racing yacht. An added luxury being that Nanni Diesel was able to provide their engine with optional mounting, which suited the original engine dimensions. With Love & War now quieter, smoother and providing more boat speed, Simon Kurts is “more than happy”.

Fitted by master engineer Terry Walden, the installation has been “tricky" but faultless.

Love & War will be attempting to win her 4th Sydney to Hobart in 2014.