Lowrance HDS price blowout!

Customers are set to reap the rewards of massive price reductions across the entire range of Lowrance High-Definition System (HDS) units this summer.

Effective immediately, the discount structure has arrived just in time for Christmas as people prepare for the holiday boating season.
As an indication of the savings, the top-of-the-line Lowrance HDS-10 ‘blowout’ RRP is $2699 (standard RRP $3099), HDS-8 RRP is now $2399 (standard RRP $2699) and the HDS-7 is $1299 (standard RRP $1699). The smaller HDS-5 and HDS-5x (in their various configurations) have RRPs ranging $699 to $999, with the HDS-5 kits starting at RRP $1349.

Lowrance HDS has dominated the market since it hit Australian shores just over two years ago, delivering significant advantages for boaters.

This revolutionary series of multi-function displays combines built-in award-winning Broadband SounderTM technology, innovative chartplotting and intuitive operation in an attractive case design that is very easy to install. Fully expandable, the HDS also accommodates Ethernet radar and NMEA2000 networking for fuel, engine and boat- operations management solutions.

Available in fully sunlight-viewable HDS5 (12.7cm), HDS7 (16.3cm), HDS8 (21.3cm) and HDS10 (26.4cm) screen sizes, in several configurations, the Lowrance HDS series is the ideal solution for boaters who require an easily networked or standalone electronics package.

The first multi-function system to bring together true high-definition sonar, charting and radar in a best-in-class display and interface, the flexible HDS series protects against obsolescence to ensure future expansion capability for next-generation Lowrance technologies.