Lowrance new wave in recreational marine radar

New wave recreational marine radar
Lowrance has introduced revolutionary Broadband Radar for use with its innovative High-Definition
System (HDS) multifunction displays.
The greatest breakthrough in radar since 1940 and the world’s first recreational marine Frequency
Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radome, the Lowrance BR24 Broadband Radar represents
the next generation of radar safety, affordability and ease of use. Combining straightforward
installation, flexible antenna placement options and low power draw, Broadband Radar is the clear
choice for every type of vessel.
The ultimate vessel navigation and collision avoidance accessory, the new Lowrance BR24
delivers boaters important performance and safety benefits, including superior target definition and
target separation in close quarters, such as when navigating unfamiliar areas at night or when
passing through busy commercial shipping zones.
Boasting range resolution to less than 3m, the BR24 eliminates close-in vessel blind spot (main
bang) resulting in crystal-clear, highly-detailed intuitive views of surroundings to a 1/32 nautical
mile range scale. Incredibly safe, the new radome transmits at 1/20,000 the power of traditional
radar – less than 1/10th the energy of a mobile phone! – and emits no harmful radiation outside the
dome, allowing for flexible installation on a range of vessels.
Other innovative features of the BR24 include advanced clutter rejection which virtually eliminates
tuning; rapid cold start and InstantOn™ from standby which eliminates time-wasting warm-up; and
an incredibly low power consumption (30-50 per cent more efficient) when compared with
traditional pulse radomes.
Compatible with all Lowrance HDS multifunction displays – HDS5, HDS7, HDS8 and HDS10 – the
BR24 provides an effective 24nm range and supports chart overlay, display networking and more.
The compact 18” radome measures 280mm(h) x 488mm diameter, weighs 7.4kg, and can be
quickly installed with an easy-to-route 13.5mm diameter scanner cable. Drawing 17W during
operation (1.6W standby) the radome has an operating temperature range of -25°C to +55°C.
The Lowrance BR24 is waterproof to IPX6 standard and is covered by a two-year warranty. RRP is
Further information:
Navico Australia – (02) 9936 1000 or visit: www.lowrance.com.au