Marine Debris Alert for Skippers

Recent rains have provided relief for parched lands but are causing safety concerns on waters in the Echuca/Moama area.

NSW Maritime Regional Manager Scott Kidd said the rains had led to rising waters with debris being washed into river systems.

“Rain has been falling in the catchment and while that is good news, the rising waters are washing material such as logs off river banks and into the waterways,” he said.

“This debris tends to float semi-submerged and can be difficult to see which creates a potential navigation hazard for people in boats.

“We are also on the eve of the local water-ski season and activity on the Murray River in places like Echuca/Moama is only going to increase.

“Just last weekend at Echuca we had an incident reported where a near new ski boat hit a semi-submerged tree that was floating down the river. No injuries were reported but the boat was badly damaged.” 

Mr Kidd said boat skippers need to be cautious until conditions return to normal.

“Skippers need to keep a proper lookout and always navigate at a safe speed for the conditions … if there is debris about, slow down,” he said.

“Always check the waterway to ensure it is clear of obstructions … this is particularly important where people are thinking of water-skiing.”

The Murray River is expected to peak in the Echuca/Moama area this Friday.

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