Marine Industry develops an environment protection strategy


A group of Marine Industry leaders met in Cairns yesterday to commence the development of a marine environment protection strategy.

“It is concerning that marine environment management measures in place by various government agencies are not sustainable or effective, the marine industry has taken action to establish a marine environment protection strategy” stated Don Jones, General Manager, Marine Queensland.“Agencies tasked with protecting marine environments and fisheries have repeatedly shown poor management practices that are in fact placing key marine environments in danger”. 

“The debacle in the Moreton Bay Marine Park on the weekend has highlighted an urgent need for robust management planning and risk assessments to be established for all Queensland marine environments”.  

“Agencies tasked with protecting marine environments are performing poorly and the environment is the biggest loser.  Competent management practice and leadership is second nature to business operators.  A wealth of knowledge, skill and expertise is available within industry to establish measures that deliver real sustainability and protection in marine environments”.

“Central to the discussions in Cairns by Marine Industry leaders were the proposal by American Environment Group ‘PEW’ to close all access to the Coral Sea, including banning fishing completely and the review of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zones in 2011”.

“A true model of sustainability is proposed by industry that encompasses environment, local communities and economic considerations.  Without a holistic approach the whole system collapses.  The agricultural industry has proved that fact many times over throughout history”.

“Marine environments are an important part of local communities and are central to their ongoing viability and sustainability.”

“Industry leaders are proposing the use of open and transparent science and fact to support environmental protection measures for genuine sustainability – not short term political expediency and spin”.

“It is clear that leadership by the marine industry is the only way in which true environmental protection and sustainability will be achieved”.