Marine Safety Innovations showcases the Kapten Boat Collar at Sanctuary Cove

Kapten Boat Collar                                                                                               

Exhibitor Marine Safety Innovations Pty Ltd is showcasing the Kapten Boat Collar.

The product’s unique design addresses a number of problems occurring in small boats. Built from closed cell polyethylene foam, the Boat Collar assists in flotation and stabilises once fitted around the outside of a boat, adding to the beam.

Designed into the 140mm thickness is a huge reverse chine, which turns spray down and away while controlling the bow and softening the ride. The Boat Collar has a patent pending.

This boat accessory can be easily fitted and removed and is suitable for boats in the three- to six-metre range. The Boat Collar also can be used as a Boat Fender, protecting the boat, and with the addition of a harder outer layer, can take anchor chains, crab pots and the scrape of barnacles.

Australian inventor Pat Jones has years in the marine industry. He is based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.