Maritime issues wild weather warning for boaters

Maritime issues wild weather warning for boaters
NSW Maritime has warned boaters to take extra precautions over the next few days as wild weather hits NSW.
NSW Maritime General Manager Recreational Boating Brett Moore said a combination of strong winds and large swells was expected to impact mainly on the north coast of NSW.

“Gale force, and in some instances storm force winds are expected to hit the north and mid-north coast along with large swells,” Mr Moore said.

“Such conditions are extreme and all skippers should be on high alert and remain on protected waters.

“The coastal bars from Sydney north to the Tweed are expected to be dangerous and remain so until conditions abate.”

Mr Moore said strong winds were also expected to impact on the Sydney Region.

“All boat owners should ensure their craft are secure and that is particularly important for boats on moorings,” Mr Moore said.  
“NSW Maritime requires all moorings to be properly maintained and serviced to minimise the chance of boats breaking free.
“A vessel that breaks free from its mooring can be wrecked on a shore or cause damage to other vessels or property, which can be the responsibility and cost to the breakaway vessel owner.”
Mr Moore said boaters in the north of the State should avoid waterways in flood and then take care when conditions subside.

“Long after the storms pass and the floods subside, skippers need to be on the look-out for hazards such as submerged logs and branches.
“Safety is paramount when boating, so we would urge anyone who is thinking of heading out on the water in the next couple of days to check the weather first and if in doubt, don’t go out,” Mr Moore said.
For more information on boating safety, including access to live webcams of a number of bar crossings in NSW, go to  HYPERLINK “”