Maritime Spirit of Mystery boat arrival

Maritime Spirit of Mystery Arrival
NSW Maritime CEO Steve Dunn today congratulated Pete Goss and the crew of the 11m Spirit of Mystery on completing a re-enactment of an historic voyage from England to Port Phillip Bay
in Victoria.

Mr Dunn said: “This epic re-enactment of the historic voyage has been acclaimed by modern mariners.

“Spirit of Mystery retraces a remarkable voyage of skill, courage and determination.

“The original voyage took place in 1854 when seven people, all from the one family, sailed their small fishing boat out from Cornwall to escape poverty and seek a new life in Australia.

“I was raised in Cornwall and appreciate the history and the seamanship of such a voyage.

“I am honoured to extend congratulations from NSW Maritime to our friends on the Spirit of Mystery and I welcome the news the vessel will feature at this year’s Sydney International Boat Show opening in late July.”

The Spirit of Mystery completed the 11,800 nautical mile voyage in five months, compared with four months for the original Mystery.  

Australia is thought to have the largest number of people of Cornish descent in the world, some of whom are related to the original crew of the Mystery.

Pete Goss said: “This has been an amazing trip and it has given me renewed admiration for the original crew of the Mystery. They faced untold dangers and hardship on their journey to seek out a new life down under.

“It is no surprise that Australia has become such a great place, built as it was on the tough and pioneering spirit of people such as the Cornish sailors.”

Spirit of Mystery berthed at the Royal Victoria Yacht Club at about 1.30pm today and will remain there for some time before heading north to the Sydney International Boat Show where the vessel will feature on the show marina in Cockle Bay.