Maritimo M50 Fuel efficiency amazes Townsville boatie

After two years enjoying his Maritimo M48 cruising motoryacht Townsville businessman Adam Carmichael knew exactly what he was after when considering a step up.

“The M48 was a great boat and we thoroughly enjoyed it, but having made the decision to step up a bit we looked at every possible option on the market including Australian built and overseas boats,” he said.

“We settled on the Maritimo M50 cruising motoryacht and I have to say it has met or exceeded all our expectations.

“The feeling of space that we have for just a little extra in length is amazing and best of all the fuel efficiency is totally mind blowing.

“If you are happy to cruise at 21 knots we are only burning about 140 litres an hour which for a boat of this size is extraordinary.”

Adam has been in Townsville since the 1970’s and runs Key Motors Pty Ltd in the northern Queensland city. He is married to Daniella and they have two boys, Drew and Ayrton.

“The boat is named DNA after the first letters of all our Christian names and that was the name of our M48 as well,” he said.

“We use the boat as often as we can and sometimes that’s twice a week depending on the weather.

“It’s great to get over to Magnetic with the family or if the fish are on I can grab a few of the guys and we can head to the reef.”

Adam said his boat has a 4000 litre fuel capacity and after his cruise from Maritimo’s Gold Coast headquarters back to Townsville he thinks he could do the trip with only one fuel stop.

“We filled up a few times coming back because the boat was unknown to me, but having done it I think we could do it with only having to take on fuel once,” he said.

“It is quite amazing that a boat of this size can cruise at 21 knots and only be burning 140 litres which is about half the burn of the competition.

“It seems to run fairly flat which means you are not pushing as much water.”

Adam said the full beam master suite in the M50 was luxurious and extremely comfortable and the enclosed flybridge provided a ‘second storey’ to the boat making it even more spacious and user friendly.

“We couldn’t be happier and I am totally convinced we made the right decision after researching the market thoroughly,” he said.