Maritimo Motor Yachts adds to their Sydney boat sales team

Maritimo Motor Yachts adds to their Sydney boat sales team.

Australia’s premier luxury boat builder, Maritimo, has expanded its Sydney sales team with the appointment of seasoned executive David Stevens.

David has joined the Sydney team a week before the opening of the Sydney International Boat Show after five years in the Sydney sales offices of rival Riviera.

“I am excited to join Maritimo,” said David. “The company is expanding its range with some beautiful new models that offer the boating public a terrific range of options”.

“It is incredible to know that Maritimo will have 13 of their 14 models on display in Sydney – just seven years after their first Show when they displayed only two boats.”

David has been boating in Sydney since the age of seven when he began competitive sailing and has worked in boat sales for the past five years, first on Sydney harbour and more recently in an office at Newport on Pittwater.

“Sydney offers some of the best boating experiences in Australia – and the world,” he said. “And Maritimo has the boats to make that experience very special.”

David said he was particularly excited by the launch of the new flagship Maritimo 73 Cruising Motoryacht.

“It’s a stunning boat,” he said. “With its size, a range of more than 1,000 nautical miles, and a hull designed for the open ocean, it opens up some extraordinary options for owners.”