Marten yachts 67 Feet of Exhilaration

67 Feet of Exhilaration

When Australian-based Azzura Marine added the Marten Yachts brand to its family in 2005, the range included Reichel Pugh designs for a Marten 49, Marten 67, Marten 72 and Marten 85. Following the successful launch of both its 49 and 72 foot high performance cruising yachts, excitement surrounding the range is now set to reach new extremes with a contract signed by a European client for the construction of its first Marten 67. 

Sales Manager for Marten Yachts, Jason Rowed, commented: “This is an exciting time for Marten Yachts. I believe that we are handling a very special range indeed and launching a 67 is going to add to the overwhelming interest that has already been generated globally by the Marten 49.”

Given its reputation for delivering unique yachts with effortless style, unrivalled functionality and dynamic flair, the Marten brand is set to achieve greater acclaim when it launches its 67 in early 2009.

The team involved with the specification and construction of the Marten 67 is collaborating with the client to allow for individual customisation. Close liaisons with the client’s New York-based interior designer have resulted in a stunning blend of Wenge timber veneers and carbon fibre clearcoat finishes. Additional features, including a humiditor for the owner’s cigars and a custom-designed retractable LCD entertainment centre, are in keeping with Marten’s exceptional pedigree.

“Signing the 67 is an important step for Azzura Marine and Marten Yachts,” said Iain Murray, Director for Azzura Marine. “It’s an extraordinary yacht and constructing it will be some of the most experienced guys in the business. They are going to relish the opportunity to work on this phenomenal design and I really can’t wait to see the end result.”

With an upwind sail plan providing 249 sqm combined with a displacement of 23,3000kg, the Marten 67 delivers an impressive displacement to length Ratio of 102.51. On this base of power, Marten adds state of the art build techniques, innovative hull design and super light strength materials. The result is a yacht with race performance that still maintains strong blue water cruising capability.

Interest in the 67 is already looking strong and a holding deposit has been accepted to secure the construction of hull 6702.

Business Development Manager for Azzura Marine, Heidi Gordon, said: “The Marten 67 is destined to exceed the expectations of the most discerning owners and will be one of the most rational decisions that their heart will ever make.”

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 The Marten Yachts range of sailing yachts includes the Marten 49, Marten 67, Marten 72 and Marten 85

There are many design innovations developed by Marten Yachts.  These include:
• Carbon Fibre Hull, Bulkheads and Deck
• Lightweight Internal Doors and Cabinetry
• Hydraulic Lifting Keel
• Below Deck Lines
• Retractable Carbon Bow Prod
• Marten Flush Hatches
• Foldaway Anchor System

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