Mercury 150hp FourStroke transforms Trophy Fishing Boat

At 65 and with retirement on the horizon, Rod Coleman wanted a new motor for his 21’ Trophy – and he’s stoked he picked a Mercury 150hp FourStroke.

“I’ve had boats all my life and I’ve never had a motor under me that performs like this, or had a gearbox that’s as smooth and responsive,” Rod said. “It’s improved the feel of the boat 300%.”

“I never was a Merc man but this one’s totally sold me.”

Living in Armidale NSW, Rod’s about 150 kms from the sea and his boat’s even further away.

“It’s with my son in Newcastle so it’s a four hour drive,” he said. “But it’s worth it.”

“ …she leapt forward like a charging lion”

While Rod is still experimenting to find the perfect prop to match his new 150hp FourStroke, the engine is more than delivering on its promised power.

“It’s the torque band that’s so impressive. The sales guys talk about it but it’s not real until you feel it,” he said.

“Recently I was cruising at 25 knots and when I dropped the hammer she leapt forward like a charging lion.

“My boat weights two tonnes in the water so that’s real handy torque if you are working a bad bar or have a nasty following sea.”

As for speed, Rod’s had his Trophy into the mid-30s but thinks 40 knots isn’t out of the question with the right propeller.

Try it and see

Not only is it the new 150hp FourStroke the most tested Mercury engine ever, it’s received rave reviews from around the world because it has larger cubic displacement, better fuel economy, less weight and fewer moving parts than any of its rivals.

But there’s a world of difference between reading about an engine and feeling it – as Rod will freely admit.  

“I wasn’t the slightest bit interested to start with but Shannon from Shannon Outboard Service convinced me to try it,” he said.

“There has been a lot of hype about these motors and how Merc's mission statement was to build the lightest, toughest, most economical and biggest capacity 150 hp fourstroke on the planet. And you know what? I reckon they have done an awesome job of it.

“This might be the last motor I buy, so I’m really glad it’s this one.”