Mercury Marine Fans Flock to Facebook

Hundreds of boating and fishing enthusiasts from across Australia have already given Mercury Marine’s new Facebook site a rousing thumbs up.

“The reaction has been very strong,” said Anthony Brown, Mercury’s Marketing Services Manager (Asia Pacific).

“Judging by the hits we’re getting and the growing number of fans, it looks like this is something that people really want.”

This year the average Australian spent more than 17 hours a week consuming on-line media and that time is only expected to increase.

“More and more, on-line is how people want to get their information particularly through social media channels.

“But we also want to provide a platform for people who love boating and fishing to interact with each other,” Anthony said.

“Lots of fans have been posting pictures and videos of their boats, there are fish photos up there, and visitors have been reacting and commenting – it’s building and building.

“Someone has posted a shot of a boat with five 350hp Verados on the back – I’m scared to think how fast that thing must go,” Anthony laughed.

Exclusive offers

Visitors can also find out about the latest Mercury news and products, while members can enjoy exclusive offers which could make signing up very worthwhile.

The site also offers handy tips designed to make boating and fishing more fun, safer and a bit cheaper.

“For example, there are maintenance tips and information on the best way to select a propeller.

“If there’s something you’d like to know, something you want to say, or something you want to show why not visit the site? Chances are you’ll get a reaction.”

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