Mercury power smashes records and clinches 16 wins at Robinvale Euston

With the Mercury rising on and off the water, conditions were near perfect for the Robinvale Euston 80 Ski Race Classic on the Murray River – and we weren’t left wondering who was on the pace with records tumbling and Mercury engines once again at the fore.  

Mercury finished the weekend with an incredible 16 wins; 10 of them in the Expert class.

In fact, three Mercury powered boats each won a brace of titles.

Messy Racing dominated the 200hp races – smashing 105 seconds off the record to claim the Expert 200hp class, and slicing 135 off the previous best to win the Social 200hp category.

Little Man, powered by an OptiMax 250hp XS outboard, had very similar success, claiming both the Expert SMOC crown (lopping 37 seconds off the record) as well as the Social SMOC title.

And Running Riot, boasting a Mercury OptiMax 300X power plant, took gold in the Expert MOC competition along with a win in the Social Unlimited Outboard contest.

Among the other big winners – Pigs Arsenal, with its Mercury Racing 1075 Sci sterndrive, beat the old record by a blistering 143 seconds to claim the Expert Junior Boys title, and Cyclone Raicey took an unbelievable 155 seconds off the old mark to walk away with the Expert Junior Girls title thanks to their 300X.

Powering their boats and skiers along the 80 kilometre course between Robinvale and Euston, Mercury engines consistently delivered the victories. 

  1. Expert Unlimited Inboard              Thundernuts                  QC4V 1350
  2. Expert MOC                                Running Riot                  300hp
  3. Expert SMOC                              Little Man                      OptiMax 250hp XS
  4. Expert Formula 2                        Team 50                       OptiMax 300hp XS
  5. Expert Junior Boys                      Pigs Arsenal                  1075 Sci sterndrive
  6. Expert Junior Girls                      Cyclone Raicey               300X
  7. Expert 200hp Outboard               Messy Racing                OptiMax 200hp ProXS
  8. Expert 70mph                            Thunder Storm              OptiMax 300hp XS
  9. Expert Sub Junior Boys               Nipple F2                      OptiMax 300hp XS
  10. Expert Sub Junior Girls                Korrupt                         225hp
  11. Social Unlimited Outboard           Running Riot                  300hp
  12. Social SMOC                              Little Man                     OptiMax 250hp XS
  13. Social Formula 2                        MasterStroke                 OptiMax 300hp XS
  14. Social 200hp Outboard               Messy Racing                 200hp EFI
  15. Sat Single Under 10 Boys           ThunderStruck                300hp
  16. Sat Single Under 10 Girls 99        Psycho Clowns              OptiMax 300hp XS

“It was another great weekend of racing, with perfect conditions and Mercury engines delivering gold-medal performances time and time again,” said Guy Williamson, Mercury’s Director of Service and Quality.

“If you’re not involved in ski racing, it’s hard to understand how competitive it can get so for Mercury to finish with 16 wins across such a broad swath of classes is very heartening. 

“We have the power, performance and pedigree.”