Mercury Racing overpowers at Hawkesbury

Mercury Racing overpowers at Hawkesbury

The Mercury Racing team proved too much for the competition at the 2011 Hawkesbury 120 on August 27-28, achieving a clean sweep with five more titles and another record to its name.

Formidable ski race team Mercury Pro XS Racing maintained its dominance of the SMOC Expert category, slashing a further 13 seconds off its own record set at last year’s Hawkesbury race.

Powered through the water by their OptiMax 250 Pro XS, the team of driver Peter Lewis, observer David Stanley and skiers Jacob Ross and Luke Keys clocked a finishing time of 53 minutes and 28 seconds.

They were followed by Mercury teams Alien Force and Bustin Out – also charged by the OptiMax 250 Pro XS – to secure a trifecta.

Across the board, Mercury Racing overpowered;

  • MOC – crossing in first place with a time of 57 minutes and 28 seconds
  • F2 – wiping out the competition with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place
  • Unlimited Outboard – 1st
  • 200hp – securing a 1-2 double

“Mercury Pro XS Racing has backed up last year’s stellar performance with another win and another record. There’s no doubt they are the team to beat in the highly competitive SMOC class,” said Guy Williamson, Mercury’s Director of Service and Quality.

“The ever-reliable OptiMax 250 Pro XS never lets them down.

“It’s also very exciting to see Mercury Racing outclass in every category. It has raised the bar.”

The record times reflect a great combination of Mercury’s world renowned engines and propellers.

Mercury has the longest history and the largest range of propellers in the world, and is at the cutting edge of propeller development. Mercury propellers are designed and built for maximum performance