Messing about in boats – food, fishing & tinnies

Food for messing about in boats

This time I’m thinking about fishing days and those trips with mates that get hungry and thirsty once the sun comes up.

I know that us blokes don’t like to mess about too much with the refreshments when there’s bait and tackle to consider. Here are some simple refreshment reminders for the trip in the tinnie:

1)      Cook sausages the day before, cool and chill in the fridge.

2)      Check the volume of provisions against the size of the esky and space needed for ice.

3)       Buy bread or hamburger buns in plastic bags, so they stay dry on board.

4)       Put the sausages in a sealed container to avoid cross contamination with any remains or thawing bait in the esky.

5)      Keep bread, sauce and other dry goods separately. They don’t need refrigeration.

6)       Chill all cooked food and refreshments before loading into the esky. Try to keep bait sealed till required, well away from food.

7)       On the trip, try to make sure you wash your hands in seawater before handling the food.

If you decide to get fancy and bring, say, tomatoes, to put in the buns/rolls/bread, then be sure to wrap a food-only cutting knife in the hamper.

At home you can get the best out of your food purchases by storing them effectively. For example:

*  Put fresh greens in plastic bags, trap some air and twist or seal before refrigeration, re-wash before use – viruses can be spread on raw food.

*  Do the same with herbs, but place stems in a small container of water first. The door side of the fridge is best.

*  Rotate your dry goods, put new stock at the back: use older stuff first.

*  Buy perishable goods (such as cheese) for use soon after, keep spare grated cheese in the deep freeze along with the fresh ground coffee.
Brisbane Tinnie and Tackle Show
Hope you managed to get to the “Tinnie & Tackle” in Brisbane: a great weekend for ideas, entertainment and fishing yarns.

Catch you next time, 


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