Mildura 100 another ripper for Mercury Racing

Mercury Racing’s ski race season keeps getting better and better, with another outstanding showing at the Mildura 100.

With more than 420 entries and some 16,000 spectators on both days it was a huge event, making Mercury’s four wins even more special.

Powered by an OptiMax 300XS outboard Miss Force dominated the F2 category, with driver Matthew Wastle, observer Daniel Williams and skiers Grant Wastle and Jamie Moret taking a huge 55 seconds off the old mark to cross in 41 minutes 25 seconds.

Alien Force took the chequered flag in the highly competitive SMOC competition. With an OptiMax 250XS outboard providing the power driver Michael Burke got skiers Phil Muratore and Dale Linaker, and observer Ben Pearse across the line in 42 mins 45, a clear 40 seconds ahead of the rest.

In the Unlimited Outboard category, 2 Wild grabbed the glory and finished an amazing nine minutes clear of the second boat thanks, in part, to twin 2.5 litre Mercury powerpacks. Wheelman Andy Smith, observer Dale Haw and skiers Adam Smidt and Joel Massey finishing the course in just 41 mins 15.

Then in the Under-16 Boys it was Mercury again.

Two minutes clear and packing a Mercury Racing 1075 SCi, Pigs Arsenal won in 40 mins 45 towing skiers Sean Stevens and Jackson Hammond, with Chris Stevens driving and Craig Harper the observer.