Mirror image of luxury boating at Sydney Show


Boating Syndications to offer dramatic addition to its fleet

Luxury boat share innovator Boating Syndication Australia is launching four new syndicates during the Sydney International Boat Show at the beginning of August.

“We are especially excited about one new boat,” said BSA Managing Director Andy Young.

“It is a Riviera 5000 sport yacht with the most dramatic paintwork we have ever delivered.

“It has never been seen on a boat here before and is going to stun everyone around Sydney Harbour. The finish is literally a mirror! We take delivery in September and it is going to be a sensation.”

Shares in the shiny new boat are available during the show at $139,000 for one-tenth, amounting to at least 33 days on the water every year.

The company will display three Riviera models on the water: an M400 sports cruiser, a 4400 sport yacht complete with joystick controls and a 5000 sport yacht.

“The Riviera M400 has proved incredibly popular among our clients in Sydney,” said Young. “So this year we are launching two more syndicates for this model during the show.”

One will be based at Rushcutters Bay, just outside the central business district and the other is at pretty Bobbin Head in the northern suburbs.

“Shares in both boats are highly competitive at $39,000 for a one-tenth share. It offers each family at least 33 days on the water every year.”

The Riviera 4400 sport yacht will be based at The Spit in Mosman.
“A one-tenth share in this magnificent family cruiser is available at $79,000,” said Young.

All share costs offer a minimum of 33 days on the water every year. Additional costs include monthly ongoings covering a share of insurance, berthing, maintenance and management.

“Our syndicates provide for economical boating at every level,” said Young. “Everyone shares in the cost of owning and maintaining the boat. The only additions are the fuel each owner uses while they are out plus anything else they want for food and drinks.”

More information is available at the Boating Syndication Australia Web site, syndicationaustralia.com.au