Mirrorfinish Metal Polish is showing at Sanctuary Cove

Mirrorfinish Metal Polish

Exhibitor Mirrorfinish Metal Polish is showing its Australian-made concentrated multi-purpose metal polish with a wax.

The Australian-owned company has only recently focused on the boating market, though the product has been available from 2004.

Mirrorfish Metal Polish is compatible with all metals and is suitable for glass, mirrors, plastics, perspex, laminated and porcelain surfaces and can be used on walls, painted woodwork and tiles. “This is a three-in-one product, which cleans, polishes and protects,” said director Dianne Athan.

Mirrorfinish is formulated, so that it leaves a non-silicone protective coating on the metal. The product is water-soluble and withstands high temperatures without streaking or dulling and removes and resists stains.