More menu planning with The Cabin Fever Cook

This is where you can make a difference: in your own home, with your own equipment and your own style.

The difference between home and planning for a trip away on board is: write things down. That way you’ll know what to order and what to bring, how much it should cost and so on.  It doesn’t matter at home. If you’re missing something or run out, then you can make other arrangements, improvise.

So remember to write your ingredients, equipment and methods down.

Here’s one of my family favourites: it serves 4 adults. 

You can call it what you like, the name’s up to you: I call it “Spicy Fish in Coconut Rice”. 


250g Brown rice

150g Red onion

5g Fresh herbs (preferred). If dry, double it to 10g

2x125g tins of Mackeral in tomato sauce

1x 185g tin of Tuna chunks in spring water (preferred) or brine

80ml Water

400ml tinned, reduced fat Coconut Milk

15ml tomato sauce/ketchup

60g Spicy Lime Pickle (this is generally stocked alongside ingredients for Indian dishes).

EQUIPMENT: Oven proof dish 27x20x5cm, thick foil.


1. Pre-heat oven to 175-200C

2. Open tins of Mackeral and distribute evenly at the base of the dish

3. Open Tuna, drain, distribute as above

4. Sprinkle tomato sauce over

5. Spoon over the lime pickle

6. Chop onion and distribute over other ingredients.

7. Sprinkle rice over, evenly

8. Place herbs over surface.

9. Shake tin of coconut milk vigorously to create smooth emulsion, open tin, pour on and add about 80ml of water depending on consistency of coconut milk.

*  Cover with foil and place in oven for between 60-90 minutes. After 60 minutes press foil to check whether or not the rice has taken up the liquid. The foil will be firm to touch at full absorption.

Serve with salad or vegetables.

Clean down galley and equipment. Tidy away all surfaces, leaving nothing loose.

Plain sailing.