Multipanel to supply Middle East’s largest boat builder

MultiPanel has increased their global footprint with the approval of their product for use in Gulf Craft’s new 75 foot Majesty Yacht expedition craft. Gulf Craft is the Middle East’s and Africa’s largest and leading producer of fiberglass boats and yachts.

Gulf Craft Chairman, Mohamed Bin Hussein Alshaali said that MultiPanel has initially been specified for use in flat wall and ceiling panels to help eliminate such a huge volume of weight. From there, Gulf Craft’s design team will look to incorporate MultiPanel even further into their range of cabinetry work, which could save a total of seven tons overall. With the weight savings comes an increase in performance and fuel efficiency.

Multipanel is manufactured from a high density polyurethane composite material. It is 100% waterproof and 70% lighter than marine ply, while being similarly priced.

“When you have a versatile material such as MultiPanel, you are not limited in your design, as the material can be used anywhere for virtually any application whether it be wall linings, fridges because it acts as a good insulator or as a simple material to construct furniture and cabinets in the fit-out phase. It really is quite a unique product,” said Mohamed Bin Hussein Alshaali.

MultiPanel first came to the attention of Gulf Craft after a meeting between MultiPanel’s CEO Tony Russo and Gulf Craft’s Head of Research and Development, Hussein Alshaali at the 2011 METS trade show in Amsterdam. After being aware of the MultiPanel advantages since that meeting, Gulf Craft couldn’t ignore its outstanding features any longer and made the decision to switch from marine ply to MultiPanel for Majesty Yacht’s new 75 foot expedition craft.

“I am confident that Gulf Craft and MultiPanel can enjoy a long and prosperous future together,” Hussein Alshaali said.

“It’s a great win for MultiPanel to have our product featured in Gulf Craft’s compelling range of boats,” Tony Russo said.  “As a company we are delighted to be supplying one of the world’s premier superyacht manufacturers and I’m sure our quality product will only enhance Gulf Craft’s class and excellence in producing a quality finish.”

With the first container shipment of MultiPanel, Tony Russo and Fabrication Specialist David Russo will be on hand in Dubai for two weeks to advise and oversee production with Gulf Craft’s production staff.

Founded in The United Arab Emirates in 1982, Gulf Craft has an annual production capacity of about 500 craft, ranging from 20 foot runabouts up to 135 foot superyachts. They currently export over 70% of their production to 40 countries through the Majesty Yachts, Oryx and Silvercraft brands.

Multipanel Pty Ltd is an Australian owned and operated company established in 2000 to manufacture light-weight, waterproof building panels. They provide superior, cost efficient applications across many industries including marine, building and construction, landscaping, caravans, signage, transport, refrigeration and many more.