Mustang Marine poolside at Santuary Cove Boat Show

Australian luxury boat builder Mustang Marine has announced an exciting change to its display for this year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show which sees a move to a more relaxing environment – the Lagoon Pool at the Hyatt Hotel. 

In a move not seen before at the show, Mustang will crane its range of boats into the lagoon swimming pool creating a unique and idyllic setting to view and appreciate the company’s pleasure craft. 

“It is quite a logistical effort to produce this new display and includes the use of a 110 tonne crane, a temporary steel road, and very cooperative boat show organisers” remarked Mustang marketing manager, Adam Forrester

“The end result will be a tropical setting that not only shows off our model range, but also illustrates the lifestyle aspect that our products and brand represent.”

It is not the first time Mustang Marine has used the Hyatt Sanctuary Cove to display its boats.  In 2006, the company held the world release of its flybridge range at The Classic Week event which saw two vessels placed in the Lagoon Pool and host performances by Jon Stevens, Ricki-Lee and Kate Cebrano.

Mustang Marine will have a complete range of Sports Cruiser and Sports Flybridge vessels on display