Nautilus Marine Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty A Huge Success

Having been available to the marine industry for one year, the BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty and Boat Protection Plus Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program have been deemed a huge success for all involved.

Marine retailers from Sydney to Perth and all locations in-between have signed on for the used boat warranty which is fully backed by Nautilus Marine.

One of the first to embrace the BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program was Maz Yahiya, principal of All Boat Business in Perth.  As the dealer who has put more used boats through the program than any other, Maz Yahiya is a strong and enthusiastic advocate.

“The warranty program provides total peace of mind to boating consumers,” said Maz.

“We include the Nautilus Marine Used Boat warranty into virtually every used boat that we sell.    And without a doubt it makes it a whole lot easier to sell used boats.”

“Moreover, the confidence that it delivers to consumers is immeasurable.   There is no risk of additional cost of breakdowns in the first year.    It also protects us as a dealer too.”

Prior to the launch of the BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program, reputable dealers like Maz Yahiya at All Boat Business used to have their own self-funded, used boat warranty. 

Now, thanks to the Nautilus Marine policy, the risk is transferred to Nautilus Marine under their BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program.   

The dealer builds in the policy premium into the used boat deal.   All boats offered under the program have to pass a 50 point safety check.

The BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program was launched in Western Australia and South Australia first, with other states following soon after.  There are currently more than 250 used boats covered by the Nautilus Marine policy.

With the first year of the program now concluded, rebate payments are going back to the supporting dealers.  The rebates are structured on a formula which takes account of the policies sold and any claims made.

According to Mark Crockford, National Sales of Nautilus Marine, the uptake of the BIA Dealer Certified Used Boat Warranty program has been most gratifying.

“Marine dealers throughout Australia have seen the merits of the program not only for the benefit of consumers but also the advantages that it brings to their business,” Mark said.

“This is a solid program and we are very satisfied with the initial take up by dealers and the increasing number of policies that are being written.”

With over 125 years of marine insurance expertise between the senior Nautilus Marine executives, Nautilus Marine is absolutely committed to providing high levels of customer service, backed by local knowledge.

Nautilus Marine Insurance Agency is a wholly Australian owned insurance agency that provides insurance programs for boat owners and for the marine industry.  This insurance is issued by Nautilus Marine Insurance Agency Pty Ltd (ABN 34 100 633 038 AFSL 227186) on behalf of certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.  Nautilus Marine has offices across Australia.