Nautilus Marine Insurance now gives boaters the ability to buy online

Nautilus Marine Boat Insurance has gone live with a totally new website that makes purchasing boat insurance an asolute breeze.

The web address for Nautilus Marine remains unchanged as

Boaters can now log on to the Nautilus Marine web site and purchase not only their boat insurance online, but also renew an existing policy or update personal details.

In the current electronic era where more and more business is conducted online, it is only inevitable that securing pleasure boat insurance can be achieved online and instantly.  

In the past, insurance web sites had an enquiry form which needed to be completed, then submitted online.  An insurance underwriter would then review the application and respond to the boater with a quote.

Thanks to the new Nautilus Marine web site, the entire process has been simplified and greatly streamlined.  Irrespective of the time of the day, or day of the week, Nautilus Marine boat insurance can be secured online 24/7.

According to Mark Crockford of Nautilus Marine, the new Nautilus Marine web site has revolutionised the way pleasure boat insurance is secured.

“We have totally streamlined the purchasing of boat insurance,” Mark Crockford said.  “Our process is simple, straight forward and most importantly, instant.”

Of course for those who wish to deal with Nautilus Marine direct on the telephone, that service remains available on 1300 780 533.  Nautilus Marine insurance can still be arranged through leading marine retailers or your insurance broker.

“We stand by our commitment to always provide a market leading, price competitive policy.  Our policies are in plain English so that everyone can easily understand what each policy covers.”

With over 125 years of marine insurance expertise between the senior Nautilus Marine executives, Nautilus Marine is absolutely committed to providing high levels of customer service, backed by local knowledge.