New 10hp Nanni diesel engine is a smooth torquer

New 10hp Nanni diesel engine is a smooth torquer.

There’s a new engine from Nanni that delivers the performance you want without making its presence felt.

The new Nanni N2.10 is a 10 horsepower two cylinder that employs the latest diesel technology, for optimum performance and reliability.

Since it delivers high torque, you can cruise at a leisurely 3000 rpm, for smoother running with less noise. So while it’s all torque, there’s less unwanted chatter, making it the ideal cruising companion.

High output at low revs also means improved fuel economy and lower emissions, surpassing the world’s most stringent requirements including BSO2, the new European Directive 2003/44/EC and the American RPA tier 2.

The Nanni N2.10 runs cooler for longer being equipped with a heat-exchanger. You can also have hot water on board via a water heater if you wish. It even keeps a low profile in the engine compartment, being lower and shorter than most of its competitors. In fact it’s almost as compact as a single cylinder engine without a heat exchanger.

You’ll find the N2.10 ideal for sailboat repowers as the design of the engine mounts allows easy interchangeability with competitive engine brands. Which means you won’t be faced with the hassle and expense of modifications to engine bearers or the engine compartment.

So if you’d prefer smoother operation and quieter running when under power, the Nanni N10 could be the perfect solution.

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