New Era Of Trailer Boat Launch And Retrieval At The Sydney Boat Show

Boatcatch docking system.jpg

A new era of trailer boat launch and retrieval launches at the Sydney Boat Show.

This boat to trailer coupling was invented out of necessity by a commercial abalone diver and former mechanical engineer who has thirty years of industry experience.

The device filled his need to allow safe fast launch and retrieval of his 3 tonne abalone boat which he does many hundreds of times each year and now thanks to the Boatcatch, effortlessly too.

Boatcatch is a coupling device that modernises the launch and retrieval process of trailer boats. It allows you to quickly remove and replace your boat to and from its trailer without setting foot on a boat ramp or beach.

The Boatcatch coupling comes in two sizes and is supplied complete with a universal mounting bracket and all components usually necessary for fitting and operating.

The coupling is made from 100% marine grade stainless steel. It has very few moving parts and has an attractive polished finish.