New faces at Elandra Yachts as production phase looms

As it moves towards the production phase for its first model, luxury motoryacht builder Elandra Yachts has added three more craftsmen to its shop floor team in the past few weeks.

All three bring strong experience and expertise of the luxury boating industry to the team.

Bob Bakele, nicknamed “Michelangelo” for his attention to detail, is working on final shaping and styling. He has worked with Warren Yachts, Mustang and Sunrunner in the past.

Ben Borrett is a lamination expert with experience at Australia’s major luxury boat building companies.

Andrew Willaton comes from a renowned boat building family. He was lured back from two years working in the construction industry in Townsville to work on the start-up project.

“I could not resist being part of this extraordinary project,” said Andrew. “The progress this small team has made since starting work in March is incredible. I need to be around these craftsmen to learn even more.”

According the Ben Borrett, a major attraction has been the close-knit group of people.

“Everyone has input on the project,” he said. “There is a strong sense that we take the time to get it right. There are no corners being cut here.”

Ben is eager to begin work with the leading edge lamination technologies that Elandra is deploying.

Bob Bakele was impressed with the level of workmanship on the plug from his first day with Elandra.

“She is a beautiful boat and I am delighted the team thinks I can add even more refinement to her,” he said.

Bob Bakele and Andrew Willaton have more than luxury boats in common. Both have worked with top-line offshore race boats; Andrew with Maritimo and Bob with Stefan Ackerie.

“That’s all behind us now,” said Andrew. “Elandra has more important work ahead than the thrill of racing!” 

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