New FinNor IGFA-rated monofilament line released

Legendary gamefishing brand Fin-Nor has released a new IGFA Monofilament Line. This premium monofilament is pre-tested and IGFA-rated, so you can fish tournaments and hunt record fish knowing any potential IGFA record will be accepted.

True to Fin-Nor’s stringent quality standards, every production batch is thoroughly tested to conform to IGFA specifications. Predictable breaking strains are only part of what this quality line offers serious gamefishers: the shock strength can handle strikes and thrashes from the biggest fish; the consistent tensile strength provides reliability; the exceptional knot strength breeds confidence; and the abrasion resistance is excellent for long battles with favourites such as tuna and billfish.

The big 1200yd spools are available in 10kg, 15kg, 24kg, 37kg and 60kg line classes, in high-vis chartreuse.

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