New Jarvis Walker MAX Waterproof Boxes

A high-quality foam-insert waterproof case is the best protection you can get for your cameras, tools, fishing reels and other valuables, and the new Jarvis Walker MAX series of waterproof boxes make it easier than ever to keep your gear safe from water, dust and impact.

The new MAX Waterproof Boxes are made in Italy from high-quality, tough and durable materials. The easy-open double-throw latches ensure an effortless waterproof seal and the double-holes allow you to further secure your valuables with padlock fitment—which is great news for frequent flyers—as is the automatic pressure-release valve.

The MAX Waterproof Box interior is a foam-insert pick-and-pluck arrangement, which allows you to customise the space to the dimensions of your valuables for a firm, snug fit, which effectively eliminates internal movement, provides added protection from impacts and also keeps everything well-organised.

Other clever features include full-length hinges, corrosion-free nylon pins and a stackable interlocking system, for neat storage and transport of multiple MAX boxes. The two colour options include the ever-fashionable black, and orange, for those who require or prefer a highly visible box. The three sizes are: MAX 300, 300mm x 225mm x 132mm; MAX 430, 426mm x 290mm x 159mm; and MAX 500mm, 500 x 350 x 194mm.

Jarvis Walker MAX Waterproof Boxes provide you with high-quality waterproof cases at great value prices, leaving you with more cash to spend on those things you want to store inside them.

For more information on MAX Waterproof Boxes, visit the Jarvis Walker Brands website