New Jarvis Walker Scorpion Bait Feeder 5000

The new Jarvis Walker Scorpion Bait Feeder 5000 spin reel has a free-spooling second drag at the rear, which is ideal for the popular fishing tactic of letting the fish pick up your bait and run before you apply pressure and set the hook. It’s a great method for targeting fish such as snapper, bream, whiting and flathead.

The new Scorpion Bait Feeder is easy to use: with a simple flick of the lever to engage Bait Feeder mode, a dial to adjust how much tension you want and then you simply turn the reel handle to disengage the Bait Feeder and revert back to your main drag. In addition to this handy feature, the Scorpion Bait Feeder also has a ball bearing drive, infinite anti-reverse and a 5.2:1 gear ratio.

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