New Mercury Theft Deterrent System

“Don’t Mess With My Vessel”

It’s a sad fact – thieves do target boats.

So it makes sense to take reasonable steps to protect your investment and lifestyle. Introducing Mercury Marine’s new Theft Deterrent System (TDS).

Inspired by automotive security systems, the TDS provides ease-of-mind by making your boat unattractive to the bad guys.

 The TDS is build around an easily-fitted docking station and two fob keys.

When you fit one of the fob keys into the docking station your boat’s engine or engines will operate completely normally.

However, without the correct fob the engine/s will only operate at a severely restricted power range.

The engines are not totally immobilised, so that in an emergency the boat can always be moved albeit very slowly.

Each fob carries a transponder which interfaces with the docking station, transmitting radio signals which are sent to the engine’s computer system via Mercury’s proprietary controlled area network messaging system.

The system’s status is easily seen:

Red light – indicates that the correct fob is missing and the engine is limited to a pre-defined RPM.

Green light – the correct fob is inserted in the docking station and the system is deactivated, allowing for normal engine functionality.

Mercury’s new Theft Deterrent System also includes a red blinking light – similar to many automobile systems – which indicates the system is installed on the boat even when the ignition is in the off position.

Mercury’s new Theft Deterrent System is now available for SmartCraft-enabled 40, 50, 60 and new 150 HP EFI FourStroke outboards

Speak to your local Mercury Marine dealer about Mercury Marine’s new Theft Deterrent System.