New Speed Limit for Boats at The Spit in Middle Harbour

Increased traffic on Middle Harbour around The Spit has made it necessary to reduce the speed limit from 8 knots to 4 knots.
Minister for Ports and Waterways, Paul McLeay said the new speed limit, taking effect immediately, would apply to an area bound by Clontarf Point and the Middle Harbour Yacht Club on the east and d’Albora Marina and the Seaforth shoreline on the western side of The Spit Bridge. 
“The Spit is a confined and busy waterway where powerboats and yachts move between Sydney Harbour and the upper reaches of Middle Harbour, often crossing paths with smaller passive craft including kayaks and junior sailing classes,” Mr McLeay said.   
“The decision to lower the speed limit was based on safety concerns and the impact of powerboat wash on the increasing number of passive craft.”  
“From today, 14 speed limit signs will indicate the 4 knot restriction and NSW Maritime Boating Safety Officers will be on the water advising boaters of the new speed limit.”
A speed of 4 knots is equivalent to a walking pace. Penalties apply to skippers exceeding the speed limit in restricted areas.  
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