New technology offers SMS alerts when shore power is lost

Marine electronics and navigation specialist, Errol Cain has supervised the installation of marine electronic systems into thousands of Riviera luxury cruisers in his 27 years experience. In this issue, Errol talks about the new BlueRay device that will alert you via an SMS message should your boat lose shore power.

Be advised when your shore power is lost.

Have you ever planned a day out on your boat, only to find that once on board you have warm fridges and flat batteries? 

There is nothing more disturbing than arriving at your beautiful boat, unpacking the car for a day, weekend or extended trip, only to discover the shore power has tripped some time ago.

Before you even open the saloon door, the stench from the galley freezer full of meat or bait greets your nostrils like a sledge hammer. Maybe not all, but many a boating trip has started with this very unpleasant discovery. It is not only the cost of the spoiled goods, but the time lost in cleaning up the mess and trying to rid the boat of the horrendous odour, which ultimately kills off the enthusiasm to get out on the water.

Now, thanks to BlueRay, there is a cost effective solution that could save you time and money with a simple SMS.

The team at BlueRay alarms have come up with a tidy little unit that takes a Sim card, which will SMS you and up to two others, should you lose shore power.

Simply plug the unit into any power point on the boat, and in the event that shore power is lost, an alert SMS will automatically be sent to you. If you’re nowhere near the boat, a simple phone call to the Marina Office, your Boat detailer or Broker can have the power restored. 

The unit is pre-programmed with up to three numbers by BlueRay, so the unit can be posted out to any address ready to go.

For as little as AUD$299.00 plus installation if required, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will never be faced with the stench and clean up from the loss of shore power.