North America distributor for the SOS Dan Buoy

SOS Marine, an Australian manufacturer of marine safety equipment, has appointed Rekord Marine as its dedicated distributor for North America.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Rekord Marine will be looking after the SOS Dan Buoy, a compact inflatable marker-buoy that can be thrown into the water as a rescue device.

Rekord Marine has over 40 years experience distributing a wide range of marine products to both the leisure and commercial sectors.

Steven Barthel, president of Rekord Marine said “they are continually searching the world for new quality products and the SOS Dan Buoy is a new rescue innovation with the potential to save many lives”.

The SOS Dan Buoy is one of the biggest changes in marine-rescue devices in decades and is made in Australia, designed and developed by SOS Marine.

SOS Marine manufactures specialised lifejackets and safety equipment for the armed forces, police and emergency services. SOS supplies nine naval forces worldwide with safety equipment.