North South Yachting brings the new Greenline Hybrid 33 boat to Australia

North South Yachting (NSY) is proud to announce their appointment as Greenline Hybrid importers for Australia.  Lauded as the most exciting new boat to emerge worldwide in 2010, the Greenline is the first truly hybrid power boat utilising a combination of solar, electric and diesel power. 

North South Yachting will be distributing the multi-award winning Greenline Hybrid power boat across their national dealership network and the first boat is due to launch at the forthcoming Sydney International Boat Show on 29 July to 02 Aug 2010.

What defines the Greenline Hybrid 33 boat?


Drive systems combining diesel and solar-electric propulsion make the Greenline both reliable and cost-effective.  It uses up to four times less fossil fuel per nautical mile than a planing power boat and is completely emission free in electric mode.


The Greenline Hybrid has a range of up to 700 nautical miles on diesel alone.  When combined with the additional range of solar-electric motoring, the economy of use is further improved.  This efficiency is largely down to J&J’s unique “Superdisplacement”, low-drag hull requiring considerably less energy to move through the water.


Greenline Hybrid offers the serenity and silence of a sailing yacht, similar running costs to a yacht and the peace of mind that comes from low-impact recreational boating.  The design has been kept simple with a single, flexible cabin, and single-level saloon (convertible), galley and aft deck.  The Greenline has been designed to put boating traditions hand-in-hand with the environment.

Bob Mulkearns, Managing Director of North South Yachting, was so impressed by this model at its European launch earlier this year that he felt it would be an excellent fit for the Australian market.  Mulkearns said, “To put it in Australian terms, this boat is like a 21st century Halvorsen.  It’s a real game changer for displacement power boats and we’re very excited to bring the first truly environmentally friendly power boat into Australia.”

Winner of two environmental and four boat of the year awards (including the prestigious European Boat of the Year 2010), the Greenline Hybrid is the brainchild of the world renowned J&J Design team and built by their Seaway Group.  J&J Design have collected over 33 international Boat of the Year awards and have designed boats for some of the largest and most prestigious manufacturers worldwide.  The Greenline has been designed specifically to apply the most state-of-the-art boat-building methodologies available today with the capacity for volume production.

The Greenline starts with a base price under A$200,000 inc GST.  The fully specified solar powered Hybrid boat to be displayed at the Sydney International Boat Show and demonstrating the main features from the extensive options list comes in below A$300,000 inc GST.