North South Yachting Flying in the face of financial fallout

North South Yachting Brokerage – Flying in the face of financial fallout

Unsettled times in the American and European economies created an uncertainty on how the brokerage market would react.  Would prospective buyers choose to sit back and reassess the market in 2009?  Would “vultures” start to circle expecting to steal deals at 30-40% below asking price?

We didn’t have long to wait for the answer!  The final quarter of 2008 has been phenomenal for North South Yachting Brokerage.  Driven substantially by clients developed from the Sydney Boat show, record sales have been delivered across a price spectrum which many predicted would decline dramatically.    

The following sales in the latter part of 2008 prove testament to the achievements:

1999 X362
2007 Bavaria 37 Cruiser
1999 Scan-yacht 391
2005 Bavaria 30 Cruiser (Sale Pending)
2006 Bavaria 37 Cruiser
2003 Bavaria 38
2006 Bavaria 37 Cruiser
2007 Bavaria 31 Cruiser
1999 Jeanneau 40 SO
2006 Bavaria 37 Cruiser (Sale pending)

These are all yachts which have benefitted from the right promotion mix with an average marketing period of six weeks.  The 2003 Bavaria 38 benefitted in particular from a vast contact database.  This boat was sold within five days without any marketing but purely from actively working with existing clients with whom strong relationships had been built.  None of the above yachts were marketed prior to the middle of the year and every sale achieved between 2-10% of the asking price.

Listings Required.
What does this mean for 2009?  A surge of sales has created a demand significantly higher than supply.  If considering upgrading or scaling down or you simply want to move away from yachting for a period, now is the time to act.  Take advantage of proven marketing expertise, a qualified customer database, solid industry reputation and national sales network, as well as excellent vendor incentives for exclusive listings in what is proving to be a superb market to sell.  

Boat Show Buyers
North South Yachting and Aussie Boat Sales, NSY’s Victorian agents for Bavaria and X-Yachts, will be working in conjunction to display a full list of brokerage specifications at the upcoming Melbourne Boat Show, kicking off on Friday 30th January 2009.  A fantastic platform to showcase an overview of all listed boats to a huge number of pre-qualified buyers, there is nothing like a boat show to get the buying juices flowing.  This is a unique opportunity to market your boat at a major boat show at no additional cost.

For further information please contact North South Yachting’s National Brokerage Manager Tom Edgington 02 9998 9600 or visit Bavaria Yachts at 

Deadline for listings for the Melbourne Boat Show will be 15th January 2008