Now boaties can cruise with more channels and HD TV

Chances are when you leave the shore, you leave behind the quality of TV reception you enjoy on land. So if you want to enjoy a day on the water without missing your favourite sports program or soapie, Oceantalk has the solution. The company has just released the Oceantalk Twin Antenna Superdigi HD Mobile TV receiver a significant advance on the universally popular Superdigi Standard Definition system.

Many boat owners already know and trust Oceantalk as a leader in marine electronic systems. Now Oceantalk has turned its attention from helping boaties catch fish, to helping them catch high definition as well as  standard definition TV programs. And once again Oceantalk is making waves as this ‘HD set top box’ type receiver is truly a world first.

If you’ve ever tried watching TV in a boat, even at anchor or on a swing mooring, with a single antenna system you’ve no doubt noticed how the picture quality is constantly changing. Oceantalk’s Twin Antenna Superdigi HD Mobile TV receiver changes all that giving you consistently sharp, high definition TV thanks to its twin antennae.

Just like the surface of the sea, TV signals come in waves. Twin antennas mean that as the wave form rises up or down, one of both of the aerials is in the right position to capture the signal. This increases the reception range by a staggering 40%. An inbuilt ‘diversity’ receiver then combines the strong and weak signals together resulting in a consistently clear picture. Even the sound quality is crystal clear as the unit delivers Dolby© quality sound. Oceantalk is also confident of receiving 3D TV when it becomes available.

Since Oceantalk is a leader in marine electronics, you can be sure that their Twin Antenna Superdigi HD Mobile TV is built to handle the demanding marine environment. So even when you’re cruising along at 50knots on the water, if there’s a TV signal overhead, the twin antennae will capture it.

The Oceantalk Twin Antenna Superdigi HD Mobile TV comes in a kit that includes everything you need to install digital TV into your yacht or power boat. Yet for all its sophistication, operating it is as simple as picking up the remote control.

For those who have installed the previous Standard Definition Superdigi receiver, you can buy the new HD product as an upgrade. This is a simple and cost effective solution as you can use your existing twin antennas and installation. Since the upgrade kit contains the digital receiver itself, you can save up to three hundred dollars over purchasing the complete kit.

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