NSW maritime say Watch your boating speed

Watch your boating speed!

NSW Maritime boating safety officers will be out on the North Coast waters around Brunswick Heads and the Tweed River on the weekend of 14-15 March on the lookout for skippers who are speeding or creating excessive wash.

North Coast acting regional manager Graeme Dunlavie said it was crucial skippers act courteously, travel at a safe speed and monitor their vessel’s wash.

“Wash is the turbulence created by a boat as it moves through the water,” Mr Dunlavie said.

“Wash size and its effect are influenced by the amount of water a boat displaces, boat speed, the vessel’s planing attitude and factors such as water depth.

“Not all craft are able to travel at the maximum speed permissible without creating wash, so you should check behind your boat and slow down to the speed at which wash is not created.”

When you’re approaching a ’no wash’ area, take the following action:
•    Reduce speed
•    At  the start of the ’no wash’ zone, take your engine(s) out of gear
•    Put the engine(s) back in gear and proceed with the engine(s) giving just enough speed to provide steering control
•    Look behind you occasionally, to see if your boat is creating wash. If it is, slow down – at a speed just above idle, no boat will produce wash.

“When you see a ’no wash’ sign and a speed limit sign, don’t assume you can travel at the maximum speed indicated – it may be necessary to travel at a slower speed to ensure your boat is not creating wash.

“For a great weekend on our waters, slow down, obey any speed limits and watch out for wash.”