Oceanographic route optimisation trial yields significant results

Applied oceanography specialist Tidetech will present the results of its recent route optimisation trial with a major cruise line at the Green Ship Technology (GST) conference in Copenhagen, 27-29 March 2012.

Cementing the company’s presence in the commercial marine sector, Tidetech will also be exhibiting its range of oceanographic data products designed for the commercial marine sector.

Tidetech managing director Penny Haire said the cruise ship trial had been very successful and significant fuel savings had been demonstrated through the use of ocean current data.

“Following the results of the trial we have demonstrated that bunker savings of 1-4 per cent can be made on routes affected by the Gulf Stream,” Ms Haire said.

“We’re now working on customising the data delivery methods and mechanisms so it fits seamlessly with bridge systems and becomes and integral part of the company’s voyage planning.”

Tidetech will be presenting a technology incubator session at GST focusing on oceanographic data and how it can help in voyage optimisation. Estimated bunker savings on ocean voyages are in the region of 1-4 per cent, or more in some cases.

Tidetech will also present a new product catalogue of global tidal stream data. Previously unavailable, the tidal stream models have the potential to offer unrealised efficiency on coastal routes around the world.

Ms Haire said savings from weather routing – around 2-4 per cent – were already being achieved and oceanographic routing could add further efficiency in route optimisation.

“Oceanographic data at this level of accuracy can make a big difference to overall efficiency,” Ms Haire said.

“Our products are designed to help shipping companies grab another few per cent of bunker savings and be an integral element of overall vessel optimisation.

“Our new global tidal products mean this can now be achieved on coastal routes which has never been possible before.”

Tidetech’s global data products are created using satellite observation and hydrodynamic models – gathered, analysed and/or calculated by a team of world-leading oceanographic scientists.

Tidetech is also a technical supplier to the 34th America’s Cup and the 2011-12 Volvo Ocean Race.