Operation Don’t Make Waves

Operation Don’t Make Waves
NSW Maritime boating safety officers will be out in force on the state’s waterways on the weekend of 21-22 February ensuring boaters are not creating excess wash.

Manager of recreational boating Brett Moore said the aim of the Don’t Make Waves campaign is to ensure the boating public understood the issue of wash and how to minimise its impact on other boaters and the environment.

“In the summer months, the state’s waterways are popular for a range of boating activities including waterskiing and wakeboarding,” Mr Moore said.

“During this peak boating season, skippers should act with courtesy and make sure they travel at a responsible speed which does not cause excessive wash.
“Wash size and effect are influenced by the amount of water a boat displaces, boat speed, the vessel’s planing attitude, and factors such as water depth.
“Not all craft are able to travel at the maximum speed permissible without creating wash. To ensure you’re not creating wash, you should check behind your boat and slow down to the speed at which excessive wash is not created.
“Wash can capsize small dinghies, damage moored boats and contribute to foreshore erosion.
“Make sure you obey the no wash signs placed in areas where wash from vessels can cause damage, injury or annoyance to other vessels, the shoreline or people.”
When you’re approaching a no wash area, take the following action:
•    Reduce speed
•    At  the start of the no wash zone, take your engine(s) out of gear
•    Put the engine(s) back in gear and proceed with the engine(s) giving just enough speed to provide steering control
•    Look behind you occasionally, to see if your boat is creating wash. If it is, slow down – at a speed just above idle, no boat will produce wash.

“When you see a no wash sign and a speed limit sign, don’t assume you can travel at the maximum speed indicated – it may be necessary to travel at a slower speed to ensure your boat’s not creating wash.

“Failure to comply with wash requirements can result in on-the-spot fines – so enjoy safe boating and don’t make waves,” Mr Moore said.