OptiMax Pro XS Goes From Strength To Strength

With OptiMax Pro XS, Mercury now has the strongest performing family of direct injected engines in the industry.

Now boasting six engine variants (115, 150, 175, 200, 225 and 250hp), the OptiMax Pro XS family can’t be touched when it comes to power, durability, performance and fuel efficiency.

“Our standard OptiMax models have always sold well, but now we’re seeing strong interest from customers who demand even greater levels of power and performance,” said Nicholas Webb, Mercury’s Director of Outboard Product (Australia, New Zealand, Pacific).

“With the Pro XS range, we’re happy to say ‘These are the best in their class’ because they simply are.

“All the testing and third party reviews support that and are on our website for people to look at.

“For example, we put the 225 Pro XS up against the competition and it won hands down. We did the same with the 150 Pro XS and won that one.”

With the Pro XS range, Mercury has taken the fantastic features of its OptiMax platform and made them even better.

  • Exclusive dome-shaped pistons in OptiMax Pro XS engines more efficiently direct the fuel/air charge to the spark plug, producing excellent running quality, fuel economy and low emissions.
  • Only OptiMax Pro XS outboards feature carbon fibre reeds to control airflow into the crankcase. More durable and responsive than other materials, carbon fibre reeds lift performance and efficiency.
  • OptiMax Pro XS engines offer a higher wide-open-throttle RPM operating range, giving you more propeller options to maximise boat performance.
  • OptiMax’s legendary fuel economy has been maintained with the Pro XS range – less fuel means less expense and fewer emissions.
  • All OptiMax Pro XS models, excluding the 200hp which is 2-star rated, are rated 3-star Ultra Low Emissions by the VELS labelling system.

And Mercury is backing its words with its money, with all OptiMax Pro XS engines used for recreational purposes (Non Racing) being covered by Mercury’s fantastic 3+2=5 Year Warranty.

All OptiMax Pro XS engines are also protected by Mercury’s 3 Year Corrosion Warranty – something no other marine engine manufacturer offers.

To find your nearest OptiMax dealer and to see the OptiMax Pro XS test results, visit www.mercurymarine.com.au