Origin Boats – 4×4 Range

The Origin Boats 4×4 range is making waves in the marine industry.  The factory has never been busier and 2013 is already looking like a great year just one month in. 

According to Col Svensson, owner of Origin Boats “All models in the 4×4 range have been modified and improved for 2013.  The sides have been lifted, the decks have been lifted, they have a larger fuel capacity, a new curved screen and off deck consoles have been modelled.  The first of the 2013 generation have been rolling off the production floor for a couple of weeks now.  We are really proud and the feedback from customers has been great.”

“The 4800 is now a 4950 so you get a bigger boat at no extra cost.  As a side note, our boats are measured from transom to bow rather than from pod to bow sprit (like a lot of others).  Our way is the most honest way of presenting a boat.”

New for 2013, Origin can now also supply alloy trailer packages to suit each model specifically and because they are part of a package they won’t break the budget either.  According to Col “We had more and more enquiry in 2012 for light weight trailers that are still as tough as the boats we make, this is an example of customer led demand”.

The unassuming factory unit just north of Brisbane in Clontarf QLD is buzzing (literally) with the sound of boat production.  How can it be in a time when the marine industry is said to be struggling that Origin Boats are flourishing?

If you speak to Col Svensson he will give you a very modest response but the answer is simple.  It’s all about quality and value for money. Origin have a very good reputation that has spread mainly through word of mouth.  Col has been designing and building unique high quality boats for in excess of 30 years.  Treating your customers well and giving them great personal customer service is expected by most people so you won’t win any awards for that.  However it is the quality of your product and the value that you give that gets people talking and making recommendations to their mates and employers.

“Our 4×4 range is a prime example of that.  If you compare one of our 4×4 range with an similar sized tinnie they are as different as Bream and Marlin”

The “4 X 4” denotes that the aluminium used in building of the range is all 4mm thick marine grade structural alloy and they measure from 4.0 metres to 4.8 metres in length.  The differences don’t stop there.  At Origin you deal directly with the factory and often with the owner himself.  You can specify and custom build your boat and you are kept informed through the entire process.  The high frequency pulsed welding and CNC machined parts are expertly put together and are built for strength NOT mass production.  A five year structural warranty shows the confidence in the product.

The entire range of 17 fishing boats spreads from 4 metres to 10 metres and are also very popular for commercial applications.  For the Origin factory tour go to http://youtu.be/pqwisHJ7zkA

Website www.originboats.com.au