Outstanding SMOC win – thanks to Mercurys superior power and reliability

After 20 years in the sport, ski racing stalwart Timothy Everist has claimed his first Victorian SMOC crown with an outstanding win at the championships on Lake Charm.

Behind the wheel of The Specimen – a 20’ Velocity powered by a race bred Mercury OptiMax 250 Pro XS – Tim started in the second wave but fought past the 10 boats ahead of him to win by just three seconds.

With Brett Williamson as observer and Rhys Duggan doing the skiing, The Specimen crossed the line in 12 minutes, 17.29 seconds.

“We really just let it all hang out. Being behind that many boats we were in rough water all the time so Rhys just had to hold on,” Tim laughed.

“The boats in the first wave were 30 seconds ahead of us but the acceleration on the Pro XS is just fantastic which really helped. In most races we’re ahead at the first turning boy because coming out of the hole it leaves everything else for dead.”

With the Victorian title safely on the mantle piece, Tim and his crew are now gearing for a crack at the national SMOC crown in April at Wisemans Ferry, NSW.

“It’s going to be rough but I think we’ve got a real shot,” Tim said.

“The boat is only 12 months old but then SMOC is so competitive these days. We’re constantly tinkering with the set up, looking for that little bit of extra speed at the top – just like everyone else.”