Oyster Dressings

These dressings can be used on alternate oysters and dressed with salmon roe and black caviar.  The salmon roe works best on the sake oysters and the black caviar is fabulous with the vodka and lime granita.

Sake dressing
(makes enough for at least 12 oysters)

You’ll find the ingredients at Asian or specialist Japanese grocers.

2 tsp sake
2 tsp mirin
2 tsp soy sauce
dab of wasabi paste

Mix the sake, mirin and soy together. Place a piece of wasabi the size of two pinheads (or more to taste) on each oyster. Spoon the dressing over, and serve. You eat them by tipping back your head and sliding the oyster in, so you get all the flavours washing over you like a wave.

Vodka and lime granita
(makes enough for 12 oysters)

This is a heady, adults-only combination.

2 tbsp lime juice, strained
1 1/2 tbsp vodka

Mix the juice and vodka and freeze.

Break it up with a fork as it freezes so you have crystals of ice, rather than a block. Spoon a little onto each oyster, and serve immediately.

Thank you A. Christopher