The oZoboard, designed for the family who enjoys watersport activity, is a soft surf board and standup paddle board (SUP) designed for safety and ease of use. Soft construction means the board can be safely stored on any boat and not cause any damage. Lightweight materials make the boards easy to handle, especially for women and children.
Additional design features for ease of use and handling. The product range caters for all skill levels, from complete novice ‘learner’ to the experienced waterman.
More at www.ozoboard.com and available online at www.surfstitch.com
Then there’s the high end performance touring standup paddle board, the Tahoe SUP, with limited stocks available in Australia and exclusive to the boat show (only 12 boards currently in Australia). This high end fibreglass and bamboo construction designed with displacement hull ideally suited to flat water cruising. RRP from $2,000.
More at www.tahoesup.com