Perfect timing looks set to make boating safety check a winner

The 50 Point Safety Check, an initiative of the Boating Industry Association (BIA) of NSW, is expected to attract boat owners from across the state as they confirm their craft ‘ready for summer.’

Fully supported by Marine Rescue NSW and with cooperation of the association’s hard-working sub group, MIMRA (Marine Industry Mechanical Repairers Association), the 50 Point Safety Check is perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the 2010/2011 boating season.

Nearly 40 authorised marine dealers and mechanical workshops have committed to handling the 50 Point Safety Check, covering NSW from as far afield as Port Macquarie in the north to Gerringong on the south coast.

Commissioner Glenn Finniss, of Marine Rescue NSW, described the check as “a great way to avoid unwanted breakdowns.”

“Seventy three percent of rescues we carry out stem from engine failure,” he declared.

“No doubt many of these failures are relatively minor, but can still ruin what would otherwise have been an enjoyable day out.

“The 50 Point Safety Check is a great way to avoid being one of the seventy three percent,” he added.

Many marine dealerships are offering the 50 Point Safety Check to all customers booked in for routine servicing.

As BIA General Manager, Roy Privett, pointed out, it often takes a qualified marine technician to spot a potential problem.

“Summer is right on our doorstep,” he said, “so the timing to take this check could not be better.” For further information and to check on authorised providers of the check, visit the website, or contact the BIA, telephone (02) 9438-2077.